reshef meir
Inside a mosque tower in Uzbekistan

I am senior lecturer (“Assistant Prof.”) at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, faculty of Industrial Engineering and Management.

Prior to that, I completed my PhD in  Computer Science at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, under the supervision of Prof. Jeffrey S. Rosenschein. Then I spent two years as a post-doctoral fellow at the Center for Research on Computation and Society (CRCS) at Harvard University with Prof. David Parkes.

My main research lies in the intersection of computation and economics, sometimes dubbed computational game theory. In particular, I study strategic behavior and design mechanisms that promote cooperation, stability, and social welfare among rational or bounded-rational agents.

My research often intersects with other fields, such as Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Social Networks, and Cognitive Psychology, and I am particularly interested in the interconnections between them.

I am looking for bright students interested in theoretical or experimental work on strategic behavior and game theory.

Married to Adi, and a proud father to Yaara and Arad. In my spare time, I also like to cook, bike, climb, skydive and travel the world.


I received an ISF grant with Kobi Gal (BGU), to study theoretical and practical aspects of strategic voting. We are looking for excellent students to take on related projects.

I recently won the Alon fellowship for young faculty.

IEEE Intelligent Systems has named me as one of AI’s 10 to Watch. Congratulations also to my friends and colleagues Haris Aziz and Lirong Xia!

Contact Information 

Reshef Meir
Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Management
Technion-Israel Institute of Technology
e-mail: reshefm [at] ie [dot] technion [dot] ac [dot] il

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